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For a very long time and even more so over the past few years, it is no secret that African music, food and fashion has become monumental for the black culture. 
'NaciЯfa' is the word African written backwards hence the backward 'R' in the logo; reversing the perception of how the continent is viewed. The traingles represent the shape of the African Continent. What may have been overlooked before is now the main reason people are looking.
Being keen on travelling around the world and being a tourist in other countries over many years; the founder made an imperative decision that a trip back home to Africa to be a tourist was needed.
Africa has not always been well represented in the media and if only people saw what was witnessed, Africa would have been first on their list of continents to travel to! The perception of how Africa was viewed had to change.
The idea of starting a clothing brand with African influence was always the vision. African traditional wear is amazing and full of vibrant colours, patterns, and shapes however not all would be so fond of this or appreciate its uniqueness. Creating a brand which bridged the gap between that, and modern-day streetwear was what the market was missing.
Africa is where a lot of the world’s history started and how fitting that this is proudly where the brand was birthed.



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